3-Rivers Drilling & Blasting is dedicated to providing the safest and most favorable conditions practical for all those working at and visiting its operations. 3-Rivers is also dedicated to recognizing, correcting, and preventing safety and environmental health hazards that could affect its employees, our host communities, or the general public. As a means to attain these goals, 3-Rivers is committed to the proper training and supervising of its work force.
In addition to our robust safety policies and procedures, 3-Rivers uses a pre-task assessment procedure designed to help clarify the task, identify hazards, expose potential risks, establish methods of risk elimination/control, and assist in maintaining a safe work environment.

3-Rivers' highly-trained, professional and licensed team carefully designs each blast. Safety procedures, technology, equipment, and every detail required for the safe and successful completion of your project is considered. All shot designs include techniques for minimizing vibrations, and standard operating procedures to protect the general public and neighboring properties.